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Twin Switch Disaster

Twin Switch Disaster

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When Milly accidentally meets Lily, her twin lookalike, her far-fetched fantasy of living as a princess becomes a reality. As the girls plot a scheme to switch places and experience each other's life, everything is perfect. That is, until the evil, power-hungry, Debrian turns up with his mystical powers and threatens to take over the Kingdom. Can the girls stop this nightmare from happening and what will happen when their plot to switch lives is discovered?

Find out in Twin Switch Disaster


About the Author


My name is Rexella, a 12-year-old upcoming writer. I am a 6th grader at the Turku International School, Finland, who likes dancing, gymnastics, and telling people to be appreciative of what they have, the people around them and to not always compare themselves to others. In my book, 'Twin Switch Disaster', Milly and Lily had to learn that the hard way, but at least they had the adventure of their life - finding their inner strength and overcoming challenges. Available on preorder very soon! Congratulations Rexella!

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