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8-year-old Conscious Dreams Author, Tiana Akoh-Arrey couldn't find any books with characters who looked like her so she wrote her own

Tiana hit the International News!

Tiana's book, 'My Afro: Twin Best Friends' went viral in during Black History Month, Oct 2022. She wrote 'My Afro' to show young black girls that they should be proud of their natural hair and to teach chldren of all backgrounds to embrace their differences and love who they are. A powerful message that we can all learn from.

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  • Meet the Publisher: Daniella Blechner

    Daniella absolutely loves working with authors of all ages and backgrounds and has published 160 authors' books aged 7-71. As an avid reader and author of eight books, Daniella loves writing books that explore social issues and unexplored themes with creativity and wit.

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  • Meet Isis Damali

    Isis Damali (8) is one of Conscious Dreams' youngest authors. Her book 'Isis Meets Isis' is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children about the culture and history of Ancient Egypt and also the importance of living in the power of our name.

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  • Meet Rexella Randi Manyi Eta

    Rexella (12) wrote magical, adventure book, 'Twin Switch Disaster' to entertain readers and get their imagination going. She says, 'In my book, 'Twin Switch Disaster', Milly and Lily had to learn to be apprecaitive of what they have, the hard way, but at least they had the adventure of their life - finding their inner strength and overcoming challenges.'

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