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9 Days of Piper Snow

9 Days of Piper Snow

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Samara forms the most unlikely friendship after discovering a surprise visitor on her windowsill. Piper, a beautiful white pigeon, has an important message for Samara but will he stay forever?

📚 Embark on an enchanting journey with '9 Days of Piper Snow' by Daniella Blechner! Experience the magic of friendship and healing as Samara discovers an unexpected feathered friend, Piper. This beautifully illustrated book is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the beauty of precious moments. 🎨🕊️ #MagicalMemories #KidsReading

About Piper

Piper is a real-life pigeon who mysteriously turned up on Daniella’s office windowsill one bright sunny day in May 2023. He arrived just after she placed a photo of her dad on her windowsill. Having shocked both Daniella and her partner, Neville, he decided he was going to stay.

Since then, he has tried to sneak in through the window on a daily basis and make himself at home! Piper is a very determined pigeon with lots of personality and humour. He can also be very noisy. He likes to get up early and let everyone know that he is there, and he loves hemp seeds!

Piper enjoys playing the piano, helping Daniella write books and dancing on her head. He hopes to write his own book one day.

About the Author


Daniella is the author of nine books. She is a Book Journey Mentor and founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing. She has helped over 200 people write and publish their own books, including authors as young as seven years old!
As a child, Daniella loved reading and telling stories to her sisters and anyone who would listen. She loves animals and nature and believes that if we listen closely enough to them, we can learn a lot.

Daniella is also an English teacher and loves inspiring young people to discover their own gifts and talents and describes working with them as ‘transformational’. 
Daniella lives in Croydon with her partner, Neville, who is also her best friend and biggest supporter. They both, although they wouldn’t admit it, live with a pigeon!

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