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Alana Loses a Tooth

Alana Loses a Tooth

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Alana Loses a Tooth is the second book in The Adventures of Alana Morgan book series. When Alana decides that it is time to lose her wobbly tooth, she begins a mission of discovery to find out more about the tooth fairy and much more!. With the help of her older brother Kaylem she is determined to succeed.

Alana Loses a Tooth is yet another highly anticipated book encouraging family bonding, sibling love, friendship and self-love.

The Adventures of Alana Morgan is a book series based on Rebecca’s daughter Alana who is 6 years old. All books are based on real events.


About the Author

Rebecca Morgan was born in the UK. She is married with three children, has one grandson and currently lives in Abu Dhabi with two of her children and husband. Her stories are based on the real-life experiences of her daughter, Alana.

Both books are fun and inspiring for girls and boys to raise their self-esteem and look at what family/sibling-bonding looks like whilst creating a positve self-image.

Adults will also be able to relate to both stories through Rebecca's examples of when she was a young girl, of which they may have done and find the memory of it humorous too!

More books to follow within 'The Adventures of Alana Morgan' in 2021.

I am also in the process of writing two adult books.


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