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Ama and the Lost Key

Ama and the Lost Key

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Beneath the dry, orange, dusty sands of Ghana, a glowing key is found lost in the shadows. When Ama, a young, adventurous girl with love and fire in her heart, clutches the key, it whispers promises of unimaginable wealth.

Will Ama can unlock the secrets this mysterious key holds?

This is an exciting and captivating adventure that captures the great value of the power of unity in the land of gold.

About the Author

'Hello, I'm Sarah. I am a creative and ambitious young black girl with many ideas about my future. I am interested in Art & Craft, design, music, gymnastics, sports, and food.'

Meet Sarah Kittoe, a remarkable 12-year-old young black author whose literary journey began at an astonishingly early age. Born to the loving embrace of Albert Kittoe and Nozipho Zi Kittoe, Sarah is the eldest among her siblings. Her love for storytelling blossomed, and by the age of 10, she had already published her first three books while attending Ark Oval Primary School.

Among her other notable works are “The Friendship Club and Other Stories” and “Linsey and the Blue Fox: The Blue Fox,” showcasing not only her creative prowess but also her ability to captivate readers of all ages. Despite transitioning to secondary school, Sarah remains dedicated to her passion for writing, continually weaving enchanting tales that leave an indelible mark on her readers.

Beyond her literary achievements, Sarah is a young soul with a deep sense of love and commitment. Her heart resonates with affection for God, her family, cousins, and friends. This warmth and compassion extend beyond her immediate circle to encompass a broader community-centric vision.

In a commendable act of altruism, Sarah has embarked on a fundraising endeavor to refurbish the library at St. Paul’s Basic School in Tema, Ghana. Recognising the pivotal role that a conducive learning environment plays in a child’s development, she is determined to provide the students of St. Paul’s Basic School with an improved space to learn, grow, and thrive.

Sarah Kittoe’s commitment to education and community upliftment exemplifies the essence of her character. As she continues her academic journey, her literary pursuits, and her philanthropic endeavors, Sarah stands as an inspiring figure, reminding us all of the impact that a young, determined individual can have on the world.

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