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Ama and the Lost Key

Ama and the Lost Key

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Beneath the dry, orange, dusty sands of Ghana, a glowing key is found lost in the shadows. When Ama, a young, adventurous girl with love and fire in her heart, clutches the key, it whispers promises of unimaginable wealth.

Will Ama unlock the secrets this mysterious key holds?

This is an exciting and captivating adventure that captures the great value of the power of unity in the land of gold.

About the Author

Step aside, world, because here comes Sarah Kittoe, an 11-year-old powerhouse who juggles more talents than a circus act (and probably has better jokes, too!). Don't be misled by the Year 7 title–this young lady has already published a whopping four books, proving that age is just a number when you have imagination in your pockets and a pen in your hand.

Sarah's not just a literary whiz. When she's not weaving worlds of words, you'll find her creating masterpieces with art and crafts, designing cool stuff, rocking out to music, crunching numbers like a math whizz, and even playing different sports. Yes, you read that right: this girl is basically a dynamite with a serious case of awesome.

Where does all this inspiration come from? Well, for starters, she's a bookworm who devours stories the way some people inhale pizza. Her imagination is fuelled by playing with her equally fantastic sister, Mary, and sharing the joy of words with the kids at A2Zi Childcare.

Sarah's not just all fun and games (though, trust me, they're pretty fun!). She has a big heart and a passion for helping those in need. Whether it's volunteering her time, raising awareness for important causes or donating money raised, this young lady believes in making the world a better place, and making a positive difference.


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