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Ask Your Belly Button

Ask Your Belly Button

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Belly buttons know everything. They know what you've been up to and they know where you left things.

Brother and sister Michael and Michaela are on the hunt. They want to go to the park but Michaela has lost her shoes. They've searched all over and they still cannot find them, but there is one place they still need to look.

Could Michaela's shoes be in the fridge or are they amongst the spiders? Michael is enthusiastic but is that enough to help Michaela find her shoes? Will they ever get to go to the park? And what do belly buttons know anyway?

About the Author

Vanita grew up in East London, where she enjoyed mini-adventures and playing make-believe games with her siblings. Vanita's love for writing started in her late teens when she began keeping dream journals and writing poetry.After having two children, Vanita went on to study Counselling and this is when she began to understand the importance of how childhood experiences shape our future.Vanita works in a primary school and lives in North London. She continues to write children's books to help children become self-aware, helping them build and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others.

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