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Being Invisible: Men of Colour Talk About Love, Life, and Fatherhood

Being Invisible: Men of Colour Talk About Love, Life, and Fatherhood

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Finally, unhinged thoughts, feelings and secrets of men by men. A once in a lifetime journey into the minds of men told in a language we all understand.

BEING INVISIBLE: Men of Colour Talk About Love, Life, and Fatherhood is a powerful insight into the views and thought processes of black fathers who openly talk about their innermost fears around their masculinity, sexist attitudes, parenting styles, family, love and relationships. Through countless interviews conducted at Black Fatherhood Groups, this book serves as a safe space to delve into the most challenging of subjects. Glimpse into their views on bringing up children, how men deal with emotions, their relationship to the world of work and why they sometimes struggle to show public affection to their partners.  

Being a father is a lifetime responsibility, so how do fathers who have separated from their family cope, and what's the impact on their emotional wellbeing? What effects do generational trauma, generational and cultural differences have on a man's ability to parent, and how do black fathers deal with negative stereotypes? 

At times you will laugh at their experiences of growing up in Britain as they struggle to admit to being wrong to their partners. On other occasions feel their pain when some fathers recall the discipline they endured from their fathers and the impact on future relationships. But most of all, this book emphasises the importance of learning from our experiences as a collective so we can become better fathers and improve the next generation.



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