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Black Boy Can't Fly?

Black Boy Can't Fly?

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Have you ever been told you cannot achieve something because of your gender, race or background? Black Boys Can’t Fly? is a true account of a young black boy's quest to live his life-long dream against all odds. From the roots of West London, Anthony rises above his life in "The Grove" to soar among the clouds and fulfill the ultimate height of his dream to become a pilot.

Written and narrated by his number one supporter, his mother, you'll discover that with that once a seed of belief is planted by one with a burning desire succeed, coupled with a mother's love and support one can achieve anything they wish for.

Black Boy Can't Fly? tracks Anthony's highs and lows at pilot school and his determination to push himself further than ever before. You'll  discover his strength during his cultural struggles among elitist peers and you’ll be inspired by his determination to succeed with his faith in his abilities as well as humanity itself. Black Boy Can't Fly? is testament to the fact that we can transform a "No" into a "Yes" and a "Can't" into "Can" with a powerful dream and a mother's unconditional love.

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