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Broken, Not Beyond Repair

Broken, Not Beyond Repair

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Have you ever felt broken beyond repair? Have you lost all hope and cannot see a future ahead of you? Perhaps you have been driven to the pit of despair and see no escape? 

You are not alone!

Broken, Not Beyond Repair, is one woman's personal account of overcoming low self-esteem, depression, drug use, bullying and self-rejection through building a relationship with God.

Karen Holder realised that without God interceding in her life, her life may be very different to the life she is leading today. By allowing God into her life, she was taught how to look deep within herself and find the strength and courage to make it through her many difficulties. God was able to recycle her, bringing her life to a place of joy and peace.

This book will challenge you to break free from the chains that have been holding you captive for so long. It will give you a new hope and vision to empower and inspire you to work on those broken pieces. Through creating a relationship with God and allowing Him to reshape you no matter how damaged you are, Broken, Not Beyond Repair will remind you that you are worthy, loved and valuable and that God can recycle and use you whilst filling in the broken pieces.

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