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Chasing Apollo

Chasing Apollo

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"Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning."

-Giotto di Bondone, Renaissance Painter

Walk the streets of the eternal city with a modern traveler through ancient ruins. Each verse of Chasing Apollo is a step through, under and around the paths of Rome. Like photographs or paintings, sculpted with words to share the experience of a week-long holiday. 

As well as the main journalistic poem of thoughts, emotions and experiences, you'll find a number of stray daydreams and passing fancies inspired by the same visit to Rome during warm February days. A unique kind of travel writing, this book is a project of the heart from one traveler to those who want to walk the paths of memory with company, until it can be walked again in reality. 


About the Author

Raised in the US but living permanently in the UK since 2003, Leah has an international point of view when it comes to the inspirational nature of the world around her. As a teacher of English Language and Literature for over ten years, and as a writer of poetry and fiction for more than 25, Leah has

dedicated her life to the written word and its ability to inspire and connect people. Connect them to the world around them, their own thoughts and emotions and the experiences we all share as we travel the paths of our lives.

Leah holds degrees in English, Comparative Literature and International Studies from Pennsylvania State University in the United States as well as a Minor in German Language and Literature. At Canterbury Christ Church University Leah Trained for a PGCE in teaching secondary English, Media Studies and Drama.

Most days are spent sharing her passion for the written word with young people, trying to comprehend British slang and making sure her coffee cup is never empty for the health and safety of others. She resides in Wimbledon, assisted in looking for inspiration by her cats Lord Merlin and Queen Mab.

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