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ChildHOOD to Man

ChildHOOD to Man

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Drugs, death and detention are no strangers to Maurice Lennon. Hailing from Brooklyn, Maurice takes us on a journey of inequality, poverty, crime and victory.

‘ChildHOOD to Man’ is a captivating book that sees Maurice adapt to his environment as he grows from child to man in USA, Jamacia, and the UK. Having been told by school teachers that he wouldn’t make it to twenty-one as an African American male’, this story is a victorious tale of beating the statistics in a world systemically hostile towards Black males even before they were born.

Having swapped school books for a life of crime, drugs and gangs and consequently surviving Rikers Island, ex-prisoner Maurice knows that something has to change. Will he find happiness and settle down? How will he ensure others from the community don’t follow his path? 

Set in a time when crack-cocaine was pushed into the Black communities in the USA, Jamaica, and the UK, ‘ChildHOOD to Man’ is an important book as it sheds light on an era that has received little reckoning or recognition. Tragically, to this day, these communities are still coming back from the psychological, racial and economically devastating effects of crack cocaine.

This is Maurice’s story. This is how he overcame the repetitive “Black men don’t live too long in this world” narrative and how he continues to learn and grow to this day.  

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