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Do I Have To?

Do I Have To?

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'Do I Have To?' is an inviting picture book about the story of a cute caterpillar, Calum, who wonders a lot, about what steps to take.  He embarks on a journey with some trepidation, as life continues to provide him with opportunities for growth, but will he take the next steps?  Whilst the narrative provides the story, the illustrations shed light on the journey and the destination that lie ahead for Calum. 


'Do I Have To?' teaches children that despite not always wanting to do things that are presented, when we do, growth is possible. As the story unfolds, it supports a child's understanding of emotional literacy, PSHE, and science. 


This story is about change, resilience, courage and transformationJoin Calum as he sets out on his journey. 


About the Author

Heather Joy Sharon is a teacher trainer, coach, and author. She is acknowledged for her passion for equity and excellence in education and her belief that all children have a right to learn to read. Her first book 'Do I Have To?' is a picture book that tells the story of Calum, a tiny caterpillar who embarks on a journey with some trepidation. Whilst the words tell the main story, there are elements within the illustrations that add to the narrative.

The question 'Do I Have To?' is most popularly asked by children, however as adults, it can be easy to stay in a comfort zone, sometimes unaware of what may be holding you back from taking the next step towards the goal or dream that you desire. Without the certainty of the journey, do we stay put or take the next step? Whilst this book is dedicated to young children, most adults may recognise a time in their own journey of the comfort zone that can be so easy to stay in, without the rewards of taking the next step towards the future that you deserve.

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