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Getting Organised

Getting Organised

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For years, many have been calling for unity in an effort to offset the dreadful imbalance of poorer life chances and multiple, systematically placed obstacles preventing those of African descent from fulfilling their true potential. The constant cry of a failure to come together to address this malaise is harrowing but does little to make a tangible impact that will ensure a lasting legacy of change for our children.

If you are of a more analytical mindset, then this guide is for you.

Getting Organised, Laying Lasting Foundations With Love sets out various routes to setting up a working group or organisation, lays down some straightforward principles of and suggests some necessary steps to getting and staying organised. It’s essentially a blueprint of how to build a strong foundation for change.

In the absence of a widespread UK network of fully operational and accountable groups and organisations challenging the status quo and contributing to a sustained effort to unleash the wealth of potential within the black community, the time is upon us to act. We must do for self. Such change cannot be effected without a consideration that as a people, there is a fragility that often undermines the most steadfast of efforts.

This guide goes beyond presenting a narrative of the status quo and instead offers a tangible route to action, a call to love get and lay the foundations of the future with the only thing that truly builds and sustains us all - love.


About the Author

Angela Ruby has an Honours degree in education. She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching primary and adult education and has gone on to develop and deliver a wide range of community based learning programmes. She is the founder of a Black Women’s self-empowerment course ‘A Call to Love’, first delivered in 2002.

She has a professional interest in issues of governance, has served on a number of community forums and school governing bodies and was Chair of Governors at her children’s primary school.

With extensive experience of working within her local community, Angela lead a two-year long campaign to set up London’s very first parish council, the Queen’s Park Community Council (QPCC), and was the founding chair of the QPCC for the first two years when it was legislated into life in 2014.

In 2015, she was recognised with a PowerSis Award for her outstanding political activism.

In her spare time she enjoys reading non fiction, cooking and socialising with family and friends.

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