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Change is Coming: A Holistic Approach to Managing the Symptoms of Menopause and Andropause

Change is Coming: A Holistic Approach to Managing the Symptoms of Menopause and Andropause

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Are you experiencing those hot flashes, night sweats and a rollercoaster of emotions? Do you feel like you don’t know whether you are coming or going; one minute you are high, the next feeling low? Don’t panic. A transition is taking place and it doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. You are experiencing The Change.

Change is Coming is a comprehensive guide for men and women experiencing menopause or andropause. It sets straight the misguided belief that menopause only happens to women and that it marks the end of youth and vitality. Menopause and andropause mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter and this book will show you how.

Change is Coming will lovingly show you how you can not only survive this period but thrive in it through making some intelligent changes to diet, nutrition and lifestyle to manage hormone imbalance. This book is designed to enlighten you on the benefits of mindful eating and help you to reclaim your health during this transition.

Filled with tasty and healthy recipes and effective ways to detox, you will feel empowered throughout The Change as you take proactive steps to manage it and step into the next chapter with confidence. The Change is an opportunity to embrace all that you have experienced and to connect to your inner wisdom on a deeper level. Take this journey through  Change is Coming embrace a brand new you!


About the Author

Lynette is a Reflexologist, Natural Chef and Health Coach. Her passion for food and health bore out of her struggle to cure herself of symptoms that plagued her as she transitioned from perimenopause into menopause. Having battled many issues that she later learnt affected many women, Lynette started her journey into nutrition and eating for health by embarking on a course of study of the energetics of food on the Natural Chef course. Having found this course to be successful, she began to share her knowledge with her clients and peers who were keen to try out therapeutic menus and recipes which they too found to reduce menopausal symptoms. Due to the success of these simple solutions, Lynette wanted to share her knowledge resulting in this book to assist other women and men through this transition.

Lynette’s background is Youth Justice which spans many years. She has used her knowledge in nutrition to assist parents in cooking healthy meals for their teenagers to manage hormonal imbalance and has received many testimonials from parents who have noticed the change in their children’s health and moods. Those of us who have raised teenagers can testify to the challenges they experienced as puberty turn their loving caring child into a moody teen. Lynette also coaches teenagers to aid them in making positive choices as they approach adulthood and also act as a mediator for families where relationships breakdown between parents and teens.


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