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I Got You

I Got You

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Have you ever felt like you are the only person in a relationship? Perhaps you feel unable to speak up for yourself or communicate in a kind or more conscious way when things go wrong? Or maybe you find yourself treading on eggshells, too scared to speak your truth due to fear of coming across as ‘nagging; or ‘moaning’ leaving your suffering in silence.

Relationships can often leave us feeling confused and exhausted when we leave our unhealed traumas unattended, bringing up wounds we’d rather forget. If you are at the stage where you long for peace instead of being gripped and drama and conflict, it’s time to make changes and learn how to create a deeper sense of connection and communication.

I Got You offers you words of wisdom, affirmations, reflections and exercises, giving you a chance to ask yourself honest questions about the part you played in your relationships as well as addressing healthier ways to support, love and communicate more kindly and compassionately. You are worthy. You are deserving.


About the Author

Faye Thompson, born and raised in south London, is a 47-year-old mother of two beautiful and talented children. She is a qualified reiki and crystal reiki practitioner, holds a diploma in Homeopathy and is also a Montessori trained directress with an international teaching diploma.
She is the eldest child of three and has a proud and wonderful heritage as a woman of colour. Her father is from Kilmarnock, St Elizabeth, on the sunny island of Jamaica, and her mother is British from Croydon, with family links to Dry Drayton, Cambridge.

She has been in the childcare care industry for more than 30 years as a private nanny and in private day care. She holds an NNEB diploma and a Montessori international teaching diploma. , As well as qualifications in Leadership and Management. In her career, she has attended an array of courses related to childcare and education.
Faye has reignited her passion for baking Jamaican patties and a variety of cakes, inspired by her late grandmothers Edna and Sylvia.

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