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Isis Meets Isis

Isis Meets Isis

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Isis is so excited to be going on holiday with her mum but she has no idea how amazing it is going to be.

Join Isis as she learns all about life in Ancient Egypt with the help of a beautiful goddess ... who shares the same name!

Isis loves her name.


About Isis Damali

Meet Isis our youngest author.  At just 8 years old she's written a beautiful book called, 'Isis Meet Isis' She says that she wrote it so that other people could learn about their name and love theirs too.

Isis says, 'What inspired me to write my story was because my mum told me my name is named after an Egyptian Goddess, Isis so I wanted to write a story about that and what it means to live in the power of your name.'

She advises other young authors who are worried like she was that people were not going to like her book, 'to be calm with it and have lots of creativity. If you have lots of creativity and believe in yourself, it will work.'



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