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Kairo's Mystical Kaleidoscope

Kairo's Mystical Kaleidoscope

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With the school break in sight, Kairo is ready to take on his next imaginary mission with his kaleidoscope. Little does he know that, this time, it would become an actual adventure. 

From a daring act that begins with a day trip to the Space Museum with his cousins, Lutae, Nai and Isaac, Kairo's assignment uncovers an astronomical journey, which may prove to be his most treasured mission yet. 


About the Author

Born in Manchester UK in 1968, Adenike Jones is a wife, mother and grandmother. She had a passion for writing from a young age and especially loves creating children's fantasy stories. Adenike's first book is, 'Renae's Magical Wellington Boots.' Her inspiration comes from her desire to ignite the imaginations of the young. As a firm believer that reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open, she aspires to encourage children and parents to read more. 'Kairo's Mystical Kaleidoscope' is Adenike's second book.

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