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The Little Book of Balm for the Broken Soul

The Little Book of Balm for the Broken Soul

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The Little Book of Balm for the Broken Soul is Clare's personal story of survival and hope designed to uplift those suffering from trauma that has left them feeling broken.

Each chapter is a personal reflection and insight into what she did to help her repair, restore, and heal from trauma. We are all human, and, at times, we can all feel vulnerable and broken.

This book is a survival backpack that gently picks you back up if you fall. Written in an easy-to-read style, like a friend supporting another friend, Clare hopes it will lift and comfort you.


About the Author

Clare Francis-Slater lives in Derbyshire with her family, husband, two children, dog, two cats, and chickens, and is a  skilled and experienced teacher, educational consultant, lecturer, and writer. She has taught mainly in primary schools and other educational settings for over twenty years. She is now a  freelancer and associate lecturer at The University of Derby.

Clare is also the founder of an educational consultancy organisation, Diversity Days Everyday. The aim of the organisation is to support the embedding of diversity in schools so that every child growing up in the UK can see themselves in their educational
experience, feel valued, and understand how they fit into the history of Britain.

She started to write this book after having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and recovering. It was the kind of book she would have wanted to read to support her recovery and help her cope with the trauma she experienced.

After Clare recovered from her cancer treatment, she went on an uplifting personal journey that helped her embrace her ‘whole’ self and take on new and exciting projects and challenges.
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