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Lockdown at Gogo's

Lockdown at Gogo's

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Nehanda and Palesa love visiting their Grandma Gogo, but when the pandemic hits and the world is forced into lockdown, they find themselves away from home and living with Gogo.

Lockdown is tough, but when the talkative and curious Nehanda and creative, forever-drawing and enthusiastic Palesa and their grandmother get together, they're catapulted into a long journey of conversations, endless joyous activities and discoveries.

Join Nehanda and Palesa with Gogo as she miraculously transforms into a teacher, guardian, narrator and wise, old woman all rolled into one.


About the Author

Nthabi is a retired social worker and grandmother to Palesa and Nehanda. She wrote this book during lockdown whilst living with her daughter and two grandchildren. Before that, she was living all alone without much company and feeling sorry for herself.
Nthabi enjoys reading and has a huge collection of books in her house. Nthabi enjoys teaching the girls her native South African language, songs as well traditional values.
Despite her ankle problems, Nthabi also likes to keep fit by walking in the park with her 85-year-old neighbour, Lily, swimming twice a week and doing yoga. However, during lockdown, she learnt how to hula hoop with the girls!

About the Illustrator
Palesa Juqula is creative and artistic. She has spent much of her young life interested in drawing anything under the sun. Give her a pen, paper and crayons, and she will spend her time scribbling away. She draws people and landscapes. Her outstanding talent is how vividly she can draw people's eyes. In addition to drawing, she's passionate about painting and creating things out of scraps of materials.
At the start of writing this book with her grandmother and sister, Palesa was nine years old. Now she is eleven. Palesa is also a sports enthusiast who loves participating in the school morning forest run and has weekly netball, karate and swimming practice. She has a lot of friends, loves music, dancing and enjoys playing the piano.
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