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Lockdown Life

Lockdown Life

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'Lockdown Life' is a humorous and reflective snapshot of the unique period called 'Lockdown'. 2020 brought us the great global event that resulted in seven billion people on the planet being sent to the confines of their homes amidst the pandemic, some to homes padded with toilet paper and others with cupboards full of dry pasta!

Split into three parts, this book is designed to help you spot 'Lockdown Personalities', explore 'Lockdown Activities' and reflect on 'Lockdown Lessons'. Did you know that the Lockdown Roadman’s hobby of chatting up women outside Iceland was classed as ‘essential work’? Did you catch that glass of brandy your child’s teacher was drinking off-screen during the English lesson on Shakespeare?

Lockdown made introverts (Intros) scream with joy and extroverts (Extros) quake in their boots as they were forced out of the pubs and clubs. It made parents appreciate teachers and the public appreciate the NHS, and some tapped into gifts and talents they didn’t even know they had.

But what can we gain from this time? Can humanity learn and grow? Dive in and join us as we explore love, laughter and freedom amongst one of the most challenging times of humanity.



'An essential guide for anyone who has survived the stresses of lockdown. On point, well crafted and oh so witty. Daniella should be sitting on Loose Women expressing her views on lockdown life.' Alex Wheatle, award-winning novelist and author of The Crongston series (Guardian Children's Fiction Prize)

Emily Fout
5.0 out of 5 stars Relatable, Encouraging and the Perfect Pandemic Remedy


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