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More Than One Voice

More Than One Voice

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This collection of short stories provides a glimpse into the lives of girls from all corners of the globe who were inspired by their experiences to bring about change in their communities. Each author has a different story of what it means to grow up as a girl in her own country. Through Global Girl Project's leadership skills training, these young authors discovered their self-confidence and distinct voices that are being used to lead and enact the changes they want to see in the world. Each of their stories has the potential to capture the imagination of a new generation of young people, for regardless of their background or geographic location, young girls everywhere want to hear that they, in and of themselves, have the intrinsic power to create global change.

The prooceeds of the book go to Global Girl Project


Aboout Global Girl Project

Global Girl Project is a non-profit in the United States and a CIO Registered Charity in the United Kingdom, working to mobilise young women globally for social change through community development and social action. Through travel and cross-cultural experiences, GGP ignites the leadership ambitions of scholars to be change-makers in their communities and lead the mission of changing the world one girl at a time.


● To create a network of young women, between the ages of 13 and 18 years, who are mobilising and inspiring each other to continue to create change in their communities around the developing world.

● To provide educational grants to support young women who participate in GGP’s programmes in

continuing their education.

● To provide employment opportunities for GGP’s scholars through structured programming to

become interns, facilitators, and mentors.

● To create a pool of young, female role models who provide an example for younger boys and girls on how to be a community leader, and the different ways young women can thrive in their

GGP ignites the leadership ambitions of scholars to be changemakers in their communities and lead the mission of changing the world one girl at a time through travel, cross-cultural experiences and leadership training, The organization accomplishes this with the assistance of local partners such as area nonprofits, school and other NGOs.


Julia Lynch: The Founder

A social worker with more than 22 years’ experience, Lynch has worked in Haiti, Brazil, Sierra Leone, India and Nepal, with the youth that are a part of GGP partner programs in each of these countries. She works in partnership with NGOs and schools globally to implement and run leadership programs and initiatives for girls throughout the developing world.

“Very soon after I founded GGP, I knew that I wanted to create this book. I have so many global daughters throughout the world and over the years, they have shared with me their stories of leadership, determination and strength. I kept thinking that I can’t be the only one to hear these stories. The world needs to hear how powerful our girls truly are!” says Julia Lynch, Founding Director of Global Girl Project.

Lynch shares, “Nobody ever told me that I had power as a woman. If I had known that a lot earlier in my life, I might have made some different choices. I want our girls to not only know that they are powerful BECAUSE they are women, but that they can use that power to create true and impactful community change.”

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