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Mum, I Want to Pee!

Mum, I Want to Pee!

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Nothing will stop Jasmine’s excitement as she gets ready to go to the annual festival. Not even her mother asking her if she has been to the toilet. In a hurry to leave, Jasmine decides that going to the toilet before she leaves, will take up too much time. She wants to get to the park before she misses anything!

However, when both Jasmine and her mother arrive at the park, things take an unexpected twist  as Jasmine realises ‘Mum, I want to pee!’ 


About the Author

Mum, I Want To Pee is in the running for Best Children's & Middle Grade Book Awards. Please Vote for me on

Sharon Milling was born in February 1974 in Bow, East London, England.

She started her working life in the travel industry which had enabled her to travel frequently around the world. Sharon enjoys many interests including singing, playing 6 different musical instruments, drawing, creating garments and modelling. She has appeared in Pride magazine and has done many fashion shows across London.

Sharon has always enjoyed reading and writing. It has always been her passion to write a book. Sharon has two children, Tj and Jasmine-Mae. This has enabled Sharon to continue with her story telling. 'Mum, I Want To Pee', was inspired by true events. "I do not think there are any parents out there who have not experienced this". Sharon feels that it is very important for stories to help children use their imagination, to have fun but most importantly, to learn from. Sharon mentors children in her spare time and teaches piano.

Sharon is also a budding Artist. She has learnt to paint with Acrylic paint's on canvas in just 1 month. Please follow her on her website where you can also purchase her Art work:


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