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My Painting and Yours

My Painting and Yours

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‘My Painting and Yours’ takes readers on an essential journey of self-discovery, healing and acknowledgement, pathed by the art of words. 

We all know that the truth lies in what is felt, and only then we can see the colours shine through. 

This is a collection of poetry, framing life’s fascinations as a unique ‘painting’. From the kiss of the morning sun to the crevice of a fractured heart. ‘My Painting and Yours’ reminds readers to embrace their paths, to truly feel all the wonders and thoughts as they walk through their passage of time. 

Indeed sometimes the colours choose you, but it’s only up to you how you’ll paint it. 

It’s time to behold the beauties you have captured on your canvas. 


About the Author

I am a poet, musician, and student of science, born and raised in London. I am driven by my passions of science and the arts to uncover the depths and truths weaved into the world which we live in. Poetry is my eternal spark, which I use as my best attempt of
expressing the indescribable wonders that life brings.

‘My Painting And Yours’ is a reminder to people that they are the paint and brush, painting their own glorious canvas of life every day. ‘My Painting And Yours’ embraces the ordinary colours within our chapters of life, bringing the light to shine their extraordinary pigments after all.
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