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Oceans of Potential

Oceans of Potential

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The world is filled with wannabes, looking for that lucky break, waiting to be discovered. The music industry has more than its fair share of willing participants who believe they've got what it takes to make it.

When Abi Jackson, a gospel singer, waves goodbye to the church where she was born and raised to embrace a new life and a stage of her own, her life takes an unexpected turn. Set in 1995 in south London, five teenage boys, D'Angelo, Karl, Jason, Nathan and Eddie, enter a singing audition organised by Abi on behalf of Sami Achu, an ambitious talent scout and music producer for an established UK record label.

Brought together by chance, the boys form an unlikely friendship in the hope of being part of a new boyband. As things look up, the boys' careers are about to take off, and Abi briefly sacrifices her dreams to make their wishes come true.

Nonetheless, the twists and turns in the music business can change as quickly as the wind, raising questions about who's really calling the shots. As secrets are exposed, whose allegiance matters?

Will anyone earn the right to step up to the mic and into the spotlight, or be left outside in the cold, shunned by the music business?

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