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Renae's Magical Wellington Boots

Renae's Magical Wellington Boots

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When Renae is given a pair of wellington boots for her 9th birthday, she always had an idea that they were not just your typical wellingtons. But she never imagined they would take her to a magical place full of wonder. What harm could taking her wellingtons off cause in such a beautiful place? It’s not long before she finds out and suddenly finds herself and her new found friends, Alex and Charlotte captured by Elenora, a tall, mean, unpleasant woman that takes ownership of her beautiful wellingtons.

They have to find a way of getting back home before darkness falls. Together the children form a plan, but it’s doesn’t go without its hitches and upsets.

Is it all in her imagination?


About the Author

Adenike Jones was born May 23rd 1968 in Manchester UK to a Nigerian father and English Mother. She is the author of children's book, Renae's Magical Wellington Boots and Kairo's Mystical Kaleidoscope both based on her grandchildren.

She is a passionate storyteller in children's fantasy, and a firm believer in loving life and doing what you love.

Adenike has always believed that reading books is fundamental skill that all children should have to feed their imaginations and exercise their skills in life.

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