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The Body's Happening

The Body's Happening

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The organs are a family under attack by dark forces and have to join together with Mind to overthrow the enemy within. Characters such as Gassy Massy (Stomach), Twins (Kidneys), Sails (Lungs) and others all have a story to tell and a part in saving the Body. Mind, of course, has to formulate a plan to create change, however, things get hairy when Mind is forced to reveal a secret to the rest of the organs. They are not alone!

Will Mind and Body be able to come together to save the Body from impending disaster?

'The Body's Happening' is the first part of the three-part fictional and humorous series designed to get young people thinking about their choices and recognise that they are more than what they see on the outside.

'The Body's Happening' is a great way to engage and educate young people about their bodies and the function of their organs on a day-to-day basis. The story, with its twists, turns and surprises broaches the subject of healthy eating and using the mind to make good decisions in a unique and vivid way children can't help but fall in love with this book!

About the Author

Judith Daniels enjoys nature and taking long walks and loves writing fantastical books. She is fun-loving, humourous and has an imaginative mind. Her love for writing led to a year of working in news and affairs.
Having a passion for social justice, she has spent a large part of her working life supporting people on the autistic spectrum and has also had a career in the criminal justice sector.
Her biggest achievement is volunteering in Kingston, Jamaica where she set up a men’s group as part of a mental health project.
Judith is now an established Life Coach and lives in London with her husband, children and black cat.
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