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The Mandari Chronicles

The Mandari Chronicles

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Lexis Carmichael has always known she was different and that she…just didn’t belong. But nothing on Earth could have prepared her for how she would unravel the real truth of not only who she is, but that of mankind.

Lexis’ life on Earth takes a dramatic turn when Kemil Hakaru suddenly lands unannounced in her garden one winter’s night from another world. Having taken this fascinatingly beautiful man into her home, the two form an unbreakable cosmic bond greater than any mere mortal could ever experience. Through that love, Lexis discovers her true origins, her real powers and a new dimension to the history of man, all documented in the Mandari Chronicles. The Chronicles document the origin of mankind from the original races of Earth once known as Terra – elemes, hawsers and medians – and their intergalactic sojourn to Planet Mandar. Thousands of years later, the races are now divided across two planets, Mandar and Khron, and are at war.

It is at this juncture in time that Lexis and Kemil must, through their love, fulfil their purpose as foretold in The Chronicles to restore peace and realign the races on their trajectory to greatness. Through all the heartache, loss and shock discoveries, will they fulfil The Mandar Chronicles, restore alignment to purpose, reveal the hidden truths and will love and freedom prevail?

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