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The Unseen Veil: One woman's escape from an emotionally abusive marriage over lockdown

The Unseen Veil: One woman's escape from an emotionally abusive marriage over lockdown

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A real-life harrowing story of how one woman escapes a whirlwind, emotionally abusive marriage during lockdown

When a Christian lady in her twenties, Jasmine, enters into a rushed marriage she believed was God's will for her life, she quickly realises how dramatically it impacts her mental health, causing her a torrent of emotional turmoil she could have never imagined.

Having thought this was the relationship she had always dreamed of, Jasmine prepares for marriage in a matter of months, believing it was the start of a new chapter. However, lockdown restrictions were the least of her worries as her husband-to-be begins to display red flags before tying the knot.

Pressing ahead with the marriage, Jasmine finds herself locked into a whirlwind of emotional abuse, mind games and loneliness whilst pregnant. With next to no support and facing stigma from the church, she is forced to step down from her role as church leader and face the abuse alone.

The Unseen Veil takes you on a journey from struggle to freedom as Jasmine finds her power to break away from all that makes her feel defined, labelled and silenced. Join Jasmine on her freedom journey where she finally heals from all that's left her broken and embraces the best version of herself. This powerful book helps you see the beauty of life and how an unpleasant situation can actually be the start of greatness.


About the Author

Mother of one, Jasmine Beverley is based in South London. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging women all around the world through the word of God. Her passion led her to launching a women's ministry, Daughters of Adonai, of which she is the founder and CEO.

She is a woman of strength, integrity, wisdom and a teacher of Mathematics.

Her writing career started at the age of 26 when she felt she had a powerful message to share with the world.

 Jasmine Beverley's vision is to raise awareness of emotional abuse happening within marriages and relationships.


To get in contact with Jasmine Beverley, you can contact her via:


Instagram: @jasbeverley or @daughters_of_adonai

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