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Under the Flamboyant Tree

Under the Flamboyant Tree

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"...complex, chaotic, languorous, and excitable in the way it went about its business, Trinidad was far from a simple place..."

When Camille Brossard, a free-spirited woman of mixed heritage, stuck in a loveless marriage, decides to leave her home in Paris in search of her Trinidadian roots, she finds herself dealing with much more than she bargained for.

After a traumatic experience, she takes refuge at her great aunt Tanty-Jo's, a powerful obeah practitioner, but her apparent disappearance and silence cause concern back home, so her ex-lover, blues musician Fingal Reid, immediately flies out to try to and find her.

Enlisting the help of his friend, the mysterious and charismatic Rasta, Israel, Fingal unwittingly crosses paths with local gangsters, the police and some captivating characters uncovering a web of dangerous intrigue as he searches for Camille, his one true love.

Moving between, Paris, London and Trinidad, Under the Flamboyant Tree is a tale of love, loss, mystery, violence and adventure, gradually unfolding underneath the Caribbean sky as Fingal seeks the woman he has loved more than any other in his life. Is Camille still alive? Will he find her? And what will happen to them if he does?

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