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XXIV: Unbreakable

XXIV: Unbreakable

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There are 3 things you can do as a fifteen year old:

Option 1: Stay in

Option 2: Go out

Option 3: Save the Universe

When 15-year-old Reagan transfers into his class, Mike Blakely doesn’t realise how dramatically his life is going to change. First it was just a casual disruption of the earth’s magnetic field, then chance encounters and bio-digital DNA. But there were stronger forces at play, stronger than anyone could’ve anticipated.

Using technology which has been passed down through bio-digital algorithmic DNA, a series of seemingly invincible people are born -Preternatural men, women and children hiding in plain sight. Reagan is one of them. But just as nothing lasts forever, neither can the peace. Because in the eyes of one, a world in chaos craves leadership.

Reagan can be the leader.

She just needs the chaos.

As an epic battle for domination begins, a fracture between now and a future worlds away is formed. The nefarious ambitions of one individual brings the planet to the brink of doom.

Through terrifying ordeals of madness and a horrific incident that took place more than 1000 years in the future, the race for supremacy will determine if war will leave an icy frost where the only survivors are darkness and tragedy.

Will the combined forces of a group of technologically created Preternatural teens be able to save it? Or will their inability to cope lead them all to fall alone?


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