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You and Your Hair: The Ultimate Healthy Hair Masterclass for Afro Textured Hair

You and Your Hair: The Ultimate Healthy Hair Masterclass for Afro Textured Hair

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Unsure how to care for your hair?

Does your hair always feel dry?

Want to know how to achieve long healthy hair?


'You and Your Hair' is a masterclass book and comprehensive blueprint to managing and nurturing your Afro hair. Complete with the knowledge and guidance you need to know to maintain your hair, this master class explores the concept of healthy Afro-textured hair from a holistic approach of Mind, Body and Spirit, celebrating our hair as unique and beautiful. Moving away from the notion of 'good' and 'bad' hair, this empowering book allows you to begin a journey of understanding your hair's unique characteristics and the care it needs for it to be truly healthy. You have the power to allow your hair to look and feel its best and discover your natural curl pattern.

'You and Your Hair' is a journey of discovery and reflection about what it means for us to begin to develop a healthy relationship with our hair and ensure our children have a healthy relationship with their hair to support a positive sense of cultural identity, self-esteem and self-love. We once had a healthy and special relationship with our hair, which was understood by our ancestors. It's time to embark on a newfound discovery and learn the science of Afro-Textured hair and the care and nurture it needs from us, as individuals and as a collective community. Come and join the Saffron Jade family and let us re-discover the true beauty of our hair together.


About the Author

Sarah Roberts is a healthy hair consultant, educator, and passionate advocate for the overall health and well-being of Afro-textured hair. Sarah has a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies and is an Associate Member of Registered Trichologist. Over the last 22 years, she has engaged with women and children to promote a positive sense of self-identity, emotional well-being, strength and resilience in the areas of positive parenting, healthy relationships and the development of self for personal growth and progression.

Over the last ten years, Sarah has consulted and educated women, men, children and young people about the science and special care needs of Afro-textured hair, supporting them to develop an individual healthy haircare regimen to achieve healthy hair and longer lengths. Sarah loves to engage and communicate with people in the areas of healthy hair, education, culture and identity. She has a passion for children and advocates for their overall well-being and happiness. Sarah is passionate about her family and enjoys creating lasting memories by spending quality time together. She likes to think of herself as an everyday athlete, and enjoys keeping physically fit through regular exercise and engages in meditation for mental and spiritual wellness. Instagram: Saffron_jade19

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